RECIPE: My Space

Sheet of A4 or A3 paper, glitter, stickers, scissors, glue, stick on things, felt tips.  A table to work at

To make your favourite space,  your room or your dream room:
Fold your sheet of paper in half and then twice more. 
Then unfold paper to first fold and cut from fold to middle crease.
Open paper and then fold the other way and stand up to make your space.
Open paper and draw and stick things onto the four panels which represent your room walls.  You can cut out windows, doors, turrets, battlements etc.  You can also decorate the outside as well.
Re-fold paper and stand up – room done.

You can also put loads of rooms together to make an interesting visual paper sculpture or  design a floor map and put your rooms along these, or mount them on card and display them on your wall.

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