RECIPE: F is for Foot



Big sheet of paper, thick pens, blue tack for sticking it on wall and scissors if you want to cut individual feet/hands out.


On a big piece of paper laid on the floor in the middle of the room, each person puts a foot down and draws around it. Or if you prefer, you can place the paper on a table, take your shoe off and draw around it. Inside the footprint you write something, words about a step you have made in your life or about a time when things changed in your life.
This is part of a series of creative writing exercises, starting with A and going through the alphabet, this one comes near the end of the first session when we get to F. It has been the inspiration of a number of poems.
You could also try ‘H is for Hand’ and draw round your hand, filling the fingers in with words about yourself.

Cooking time

5 mins to trace and write, 5 mins to share or cut out and place on wall to make an instant gallery plus extra time to develop results into a poem or song or story.