RECIPE: Make me a...



A big space for groups to stand and move around to make body sculptures in, with a clean floor.


Get people into groups (as small as six or as large as eight)
Make me A... is in the form of a challenge, tell everyone they will need to work together as a team, they will need to work fast and you will be looking for imagination in the end results. Also remind them that they need to try and use as much of their body as possible to achieve the challange.
Give them a time “You’ve got twenty seconds to make me a...” and then an object, start with simple objects or shapes like a ball, a balloon, the number three and work up to washing machines, automated doors, space ships, an octopus, a bus shelter etc. You can theme this game i.e objects connected with the Sea or with a Toy Shop or Pirates.
Play around with timings from 10 seconds to twenty (you can count slow if they’re doing great things or fast if they’re not working well and need motivating, encourage them to improve on their idea if they work quickly) When time is up call “FREEZE” and everyone must stand still, you walk around and point out good use of body parts,ie. An arm to make a window, or good team work and choose a group for everyone to look at before you set then another make me a... challenge.
This game is played without sounds just ‘body sculptures’ but usually when I get to Washing machine I get them to introduce sound and simple movement (ie. “If i press the start button on your machine what happens?) and this leads up to something that all the groups have to join together to make in no more than twenty seconds like a pirate ship or a dessert island or the Eiffel tower.
I have played this game with four to fifty year olds, with young people in wheelchairs and grown-ups at conferences, it is universally enjoyed. It’s great for stimulating ideas, getting people to work together and giving people the confidence to be imaginative.

Cooking time

15 minutes to 30 mins if everyone has lots of energy and you need time to show off their good work.