RECIPE: Newspaper Costumes



Old dry newspapers, sellotape, imagination.


Stephanie Jalland from Hoodwink Theatre Co. Once came and worked on a project with me where she got young people to use newspaper to make vegetables, hats and flowers, I’ve been using newspaper to make things ever since.
There are no rules to doing and making things with newspaper, you have to experiment. Newspaper will crush, roll, fold and crumple to make great shapes, you tear or cut it into strips and curl the ends to make a wig, fold and sellotape sheets to make dresses, or trousers, which you can decorate with newspaper flowers or origami swans and pigs (there are loads of templates for origami and paper folding on the internet). First time around, the less you think and the more you just play with the newspaper trying to get it to make shapes or to resemble things by folding and crumpling and sellotaping the more imaginative the results will be.
If you want to get really clever, you can glue several sheets together by laying them one on top of the other, glueing with pva mixed with a little water and drying them flat to get a stiffer (but wrinkly) paper to work with. Great for making comedy hats!

Cooking time

From ten minutes to make a cabbage, to half an hour to make a simple hat, or a newspaper wig and costume.