RECIPE: Making Music

You need a space, an instrument (guitar, computer software, piano, drum, wooden sticks, spoons, whatever you want to work with)
Lyrics/words and or/a melody/tune *plenty of ideas for writing and creating songs and lyrics in this cookbook
You can make music anywhere, usually at home, in a studio or in a lesson with others. That said I’ve made some great music on planes and trains too! MAKE SOME MUSIC- YOU WILL LOVE IT!

I have many favourite creative activities, but song and lyric writing are my favourites.
Making music on a laptop means you can produce and record any number of different sounds and instruments into a song. It depends on the song, and your style or mood. You can either make a high energy song where you will be very enthusiastic and active towards it, or if writing something chilled and floaty you could produce something very relaxing and therapeutic!
I make music for myself, and the pleasure others get (or not!) from listening to my work. When working with young people, music making can act as a catalyst for learning, confidence and self belief- it gives me a lot of pleasure knowing that.

Cooking time
A song can take anywhere from an hour of quick ideas and layering to a year long project. It’s good to keep coming back to older ideas, they are usually always used towards a song.
How much effort the artist puts in- reflects the quality and dedication to their work.